If You’re A Developer You Better Love Your Job

The demand for talented developers is huge these days; it’s the equivalent of a nuclear physicist in the Cold War era. It’s a tech nuclear arms race with companies stockpiling talent, poaching away from other companies and my favorite, “no solicitation” agreements between companies to not steal away each other’s employees.

So what kind of position does that put you in as a developer? Well for one, you better be making money. Depending on how talented you are it may be just paying the bills and if you’re super talented and lucky you can start counting down the days till an early retirement. More important is that you better be loving your job. You better be showing up to work every day with a smile on your face, anxious to roll up your sleeves and start coding. You better leaving work anxious to get back into the office tomorrow to start coding again or heading home to get back at it, because you’re so damn passionate about what you’re doing.

If you’re a talented developer and that doesn’t sound like you, start looking for a new job. There’s TONS of companies hiring developers and they might not only offer more money, but you’ll enjoy what you’re doing.

3 Comments If You’re A Developer You Better Love Your Job

  1. zv

    Isn’t that cute. But it’s wrong! If you are talented developer, stop letting someone other use your work for profit, develop income for yourself.

  2. Iman Jalali

    I wouldn’t say it’s wrong. Not every talented developer should be in business for themselves. Not every developer wants to have their own business, they don’t want to deal with employees, sales calls, support calls, growing a business and etc… And even more important, not every developer is good at business.

    Startups fail for many reasons and one common reason is the technical founders just aren’t good at selling, marketing and being a face of the company.

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